12.05. - 19.05.2007


By a stupid fire raising Michael Volkmer lost his studio which contained more or less his whole lifework as an artist. This is for him as an artist a catastrophy and a tremedous loss for all artlovers in the Southwest of Germany. ZEPHYR decided to do a Benefit show which ends with an auction. Many artist and donators from the region, Germany and Europe did help and offered their artwork. We could collect topranking art and will offer these pieces fot moderate prices. A wonderful opportunity to see beauty, do to a good deed and finally take it home.

The artists: Heather Allen, Petra Arnold, Sylvia Ballhause, Wolfgang Beck, Joseph Beuys, Brandstifter, Rebekka Brunke, Eric Carstensen, Francesca Crocetti,Das deutsche Handwerk, Werner Degreif, Sabine Dehnel, Bea Dieker, Götz Diergarten, Madeleine Dietz, Piero Dorazio, Carinne Dörflinger,Peter Dreher, Margret Eicher, Immanuel V. Eiselstein, Jeanette Fabis, Peter Harder, Geka Heinke, Barbara Hindahl, Myriam Holme, Ottmar Hörl, Ruth Hutter, Olga Jantarowa, Ana Laibach, Maik und Dirk Löbbert, Christine Mann, Achim Mohné, Philipp Morlock, IngridMwangiRobertHutter, Rainer Negrelli, Susanne Neiss, Noah, Siegmar Polke , Gerd Reutter, Frank Robert, Walter Schembs, Richard Schimanski, Karl Schwarzenberg, Simon Klaus, Klaus Staeck, superart tv, Ulrich Thul , Konstantin Voit, Wolf Vostell, Yonka Su Werner , Silvia Wille, Bernadette Wolbring, Erwin Wortelkamp, Andreas Zidek, Wolfgang Zurborn.

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