11.01. - 22.02.2009 / VERLÄNGERT BIS 15.03.2009


Odessa, the big harbour in the south of Ukraine calls herself "The Pearl of the Black sea". Ukraine is among those counties which are hit very intense by the decline of the Soviet-Union. One of the symptoms of this decline is the epidemic AIDS in Odessa. In Odessa are living 160.00 people infected with the HI-Virus. Ukraine is also holding the sad record of new infections in Europe and is worldwide among the states with the highest increase of the Virus.

Andra Diefenbach (*1974) accompanied in spring 2006 several HIV positive inhabitants of Odessa. Her documentation shows us the life of the infected plainly. The special in Diefenbachs stunning documentation is her ability to present the universal in the individual, the inevitable gets in her images a human face.

"If I had done this photo study, I would be very pleased with myself. (…) To do a photo study like this presupposes an ability to empathize with that pain, and you can feel this in every single image. This is a stance of genuine civic sympathy, not of malevolence or of exploiting the grief of others, and this compassion is near to my heart." Boris Mikhailov

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