26.11.2005 - 29.01.2006


Andreas Thein is an artist who shows the prosaicness and its history in a surprising simplicity. Doing so he enables us to explore worlds which surround us – but we cannot see them due to our blindness to the general.

Eigenheim (Home) is the name of his series which presents a prototypical family house of the 1970s. Andreas Thein is finding analytically and virtously designed views into it. In their sum these views result in a portrait of the home and its residents. By his stucturals approach the artist confrontes us in a scale of 1:1 with an unknown home and in the consequence with ourself. We see what the unvisible inhabitants eat, discover their cupboards and drawers or experience their taste of art, how they store and how they spend their recreation time. Andreas Thein creates a universe which merges architecture, interior design, and art.
Andreas Thein, born 1969, studied photography in Kassel, Berlin and Essen.

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