04.02. - 22.07.2007

Everybody speaks about the fact that we need visions to cope with our lives. But why do we always only ask economists and politicians? Who has brought up the interesting visions in the past? It was men of letters, painters and philosophers. For this reason ZEPHYR has questioned for the exhibition MY VISION 19 international artists and group of artists about their visions, and now presents the realisation of their ideas at the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum. The exhibition combines already existing artistic statements and work of art which have been created for this exhibition to an exciting mixture.

The majority of the participating artists created new work for this exhibition circling around different ideas of visions. This has also been extremely for the curators, as the process of developing an artwork often does not proceed as predictable as roadworks. The variety of the approach to the subject and the richness of the results are surprising.

That way FLCO reflects about a world without oil, Melanie Manchot asks young musicians for a vision of their lives and their music and Eno Henze creates an image of conjunctions of reality. Warren Neidich has put a neon sign on top of the museum, which tells about the future. Paul M. Smith reflects about the beautiful world of the stars while Ruth Hutter destroys our wonderful TV world. OLGA, as a group of artists, works as visionary as IngridMwangiRobertHutter. The latter in cooperation with Jimmy Ogonga, focuses on colonialism and cultural borders. Timothy Archibald provides cold images of the world of sex machine producers, Kris Scholz says "No" to alarming phenomena and Marc Räder puts us in front of insuperable borders made of waste. Bjørn Melhus traces the visionary myths of the recent past, Josh Mueller finds the magic moment between destruction and rebirth, Ori Gersht transforms nature into a projection screen for human experience and Samuel Henne attends us with a very private vision. Bianca Gutberlet explores the idyllisation of everyday life, Timo Burgmeier shows the variety of the illusionary architecture on different continents and ultimately Davis Steets takes a look at architecture in Africa and Asia reproducing universal stylistic elements of our world.

By the manifold work of the artists MY VISION becomes as vivid as our common and unique world. Let's develop visions!


Timothy Archibald, San Francisco, F; Timo Burgmeier, Heidelberg, F; FLCO, Berlin; I Ori Gersht, London, V; Bianca Gutberlet, Paris, F; Samuel Henne, Braunschweig F,I; Eno Henze, Berlin, I/F; Ruth Hutter, Mannheim V/I; Melanie Manchot, London, Berlin V; Björn Melhus, Berlin V; Josh Müller, Wien V/I ; Ingrid MwangiRobertHutter, Ludwigshafen/Rh. V/I ; Warren Neidich, London, Berlin I; Jimmy Ogonga Nairobi V/I OLGA, Zürich, Hamburg F,I; Marc Räder, Berlin, F; Rankin/Smith, London, F; Kris Scholz, Düsseldorf F; David Steets, München, F F (Fotografie) I (Installation) V (Video) 

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