28.09.2008 - 11.01.2009

The Italian Magnum Photographer Paolo Pellegrin is collecting in his show "As I Was Dying" images he has taken in various regions of the world, which are dominated by crisis or war. The show becomes a special experience by the contrast of the great formal beauty of the images and the power of the emerging violence, which defines their disturbing content. It is the composition and atmospheric strength which make the images to great artwork although the photographer is never leaving the path of photojournalism. You can see images from the Kosovo, Serbia and Palestine, from Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Haiti, Indonesia or Haiti. Pellegrin shows victims and offenders, some of them wearing the traces of violence, others weapons. But as Pellegrin says, the moments of violence are sometimes close to those of hope.
Paolo Pellegrin, * 1964 is member of MAGNUM and lives in Rome and New York.
"As I Was Dying" won the Leica European Publishers Award and the German Photobook Award 2008
copyright: Paolo Pellegrin/ Magnum Photos

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