22.02. - 06.04.2009


From a seemingly ordinary environment Sascha Weidner (* 1976) isolates images which show an almost fabulous world. His images present real sites which at the same time remind of dream-sequences, of submerged images connected to an enigmatic presence. Where are these mysterious places and why cannot anybody but Weidner discover them and their surreal beauty? Sascha Weidner’s images revoke a quick and easy categorization. This is part of his art and refers to his seeing, feeling and thinking but also makes his images mysterious and engimatic for the specator.

"Am Wasser gebaut" (Built near the water) is a compilation of impressive, atmospheric and dense pictures, which open up an irritating and beautiful cosmos. Weidner’s proceeding resembles to that of a DJ, who merges familiar and unfamiliar sequences to a new and bigger entity.

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