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SMART AS PHOTOGRAPHY - Be an artist today!
Artists as smartphone users
03.02. – 03.03.2019



smart as photography – be an artist today!
03.02. – 03.03.2019

The exhibition "smart as photography - be an artist today!" at ZEPHYR - Raum für Fotografie reflects different facets of smartphone photography in the way the artists deal with the always available apparatus.

Participating artists:

Cord Arendes | David Campany | Forensic Architecture | Dieter M. Gräf | Katrin Koenning | Eva and Franco Mattes | Simon Menner | Ina Neddermeyer | Rosa Rot | Anastasia Samoylova | Joachim Schmid | Alistair Taylor-Young |

Conference "smart as photography - be an artist today!"
28.02. – 02.03.2019
Florian Waldeck-Saal | Museum Zeughaus C5 | 68159 Mannheim

Hardly any other medium influences our everyday life as strongly as the smartphone. We use it to plan our daily routine, maintain our contacts and capture the most beautiful moments of our lives. The enormous number of users opens up undreamt-of possibilities for social, educational and, above all, artistic practice. "smart as photography - be an artist today" focuses on the artist as a smartphone user. Questions are discussed with national and international artists and scientists that lead to a further understanding of smartphone photography.

Participation in the conference is free of charge.
The conference languages are English and German.

The conference program and further details will follow shortly!

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