10.05. - 28.06.2009

Timotheus Tomicek, the 30 years old Vienna artist, was awarded the Welde Art Prize this year. The announcement was made under the topic of "homeland". There were 500 artists from eight countries who applied for the award. Tomicek literally works on relicts and residues of human beings which appear in the public or private spaces. He presents details of apparent normality in eloquent simplicity, which we often don't think about. He manages to create a formally strict, but in its content very poetic pictorial canon. His images define the world in which we live with its artefacts and banalities prototypically and with almost loving malignity.

Timotheus Tomicek confronts us with the implicitness of daily life and focusses the unsettling strangeness of the familiar. He unmasks daily life with unerring symbols and case studies as phenomena. Tomicek arouses in his audience the meaning of life by showing the cruelty of ignorance and lovelessness of humanity.

more about Timotheus Tomicek: www.timotheustomicek.net

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